Monday, April 9, 2012

RM Thumbnails

So haven't finished these yet, these are the thumbnails for the first 7 pages of a comic I'm doing, still got awhile to go but thought I'd at least get these up... heh no dialogue but hopefully you can see what's going on...

Yeah sorry the pages are abit out of order, but the bottom page goes: the bottom left is page 5, the top one is page 6, and the bottom right is page 7... heh xP

EDIT: Added 4 more thumbnails, so this is through 11 now :D

Also once I have time I will try and scan all my story boards from the story sketch assignment I did for Chuck's class, I'm currently working on fixing a few scenes still though... that and there's soooo many it's gonna take foreverrrrrrrrrrrr to scan prolly... >.>;;;

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