Monday, April 9, 2012


Eek haven't posted in abit! Sorry been pretty busy, anyways here's a few doodles and such I've done recently, the first two are from this website called its pretty kewl, they just post pics of people from around the world who are 'fashionable' its super fun to look through! The 3rd one is another fashionably dressed girl, but this time from life, a sketch of my lovely cousin Bekka, done during Easter Sunday at my grandparents house :)
And the last one is of course some fan art x3  If I have a chance i'll try and finish it... and/or maybe do more ;P  I <3 Korra so far! (and by Korra I mean the nick cartoon, not particularly fond of her character yet, she is a kewl strong women, but a little too cocky and arrogant for my taste... but maybe the series will explore that and she'll learn some humbleness lolz xP  anyways dont mind my little rant she is still awesome and quite fun to draw) :D


  1. Korra's looking sweet, I like her swooshy hair.

  2. Korra's foot looks twisted too much?

  3. thx, and yeah thats why i havent finished those lines in dark blue yet, cuz they still look off heh xP