Thursday, February 23, 2012

PMC Life Drawing 2-22-12

Sketches from PMC Life Drawing tonight, we had an awesome model who even brought in a fun costume :D
Also somehow shirtless guy (diego) snuck in, and wearing a shirt! how can this be!?
anyways... 30 second - 10 min poses :)

More RM char sketches

Hey so just more character sketches for the comic I'm working on in Cliff's class (ugh why are guys so hard to draw xP), and the last page is doodles of peeps in Cliff's class from this past times :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!

So I know its a day late, but heres a little Happy Valentine's Day drawing for everyone! I had a number of friends complaining of "SAD" (Single Awareness Day) and I'm tried of hearing that, just cuz you're not someone's special someone, doesn't mean you aren't special!! I love all of my friends and hope they all know that, the single ones and the ones in relationships, so I hope everyone had a Super Duper Fun Valentine's Day! :D

Sunday, February 12, 2012

More RM chars and some wallahs

Doing more char sketches for my comic, and started doing some practice sketches for Chucks Wallahs storyboard assignment... fun times :D

PMC Life Drawing 2.8.12

Scribbles from PMC life drawing this past wednesday, I totes suck at drawing guys, but am so happy we had a buff guy this week, cuz im trying to design a tough guy character and was having trouble drawing him lolz... so yay :D

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Downtown Disney Cafe Sketching Again!

Oh I do so love drawing people at disney! Sunday was dapper day, so we all dressed and saw others there dressed up too! T'was super fun! :D
Most of these peeps arent dressed up but thats ok, they were still fun to draw! Especially that couple on the couch who then came over and asked if they could see our drawings of them lolz :P
Oh the last page is just some Spidey practice i was doing during my awesome internship at film roman <3
And the second to last page is where everyone who joined me at disney drew me an awesome-a-saurus!!!!! I was super excited to have them all draw on a page in my sketch book, since i think everyone of them is such an awesome artist, and am such a fan girl on the inside lolz... i may not have spazzed where they could see but i still spazzed, seriously those guys are awesome <3 and one day when they are famous artists ill be all like aww yeah look at this awesome signed doodle of theirs i have mwahahahaha >:P 
...anyways... fun times all around!! :D

RM character concepts

Hey so... heres some character concept sketches, for a story im working on for my special studies Illustration class, I want to make a comic, woot! :D

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Enviroment Sketches

More sketches yay! The 1st 2 were done at my grandma's house (that glass coffee table kept messing me up ugh xP) and the last one was from Craig Park! Fun Times drawing! One day I will be awesome at enviroments... in the meantime... practice! heh :P

Class 1-31-12

Hey some sketches I did of people from my classes today! :D

The 1st 3 are from my Comm 341 class, I gotta say I loved when our speaker, Nelson Coates (who was AWESOME BTW!) was just like pulling on his check or whatever while talking lolz... the other 2 pages are from Cliff's Special Studies Illustraion class, yes Cliff said "Gigungus" and apperently Sammy loves Rumpleslitskin, and Arden loved the idea of doing it in a Norse style... and YES Cliff totes almost sat in Arden's lap!!! and then me and her giggled and Cliff had no clue why... teehee :P