Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cosplayers and Korra stuffz

PMC had cosplayers model this past wednesday and it was super fun drawing everyone in their awesometastic costumes! I just wish we had had longer poses, 30secs to a minute or 2 was not nearly long enough when one wants to draw the fantastic costumes as well as the people wearing them heh xP (also Dizzy and Juri!! <3)

Hehe Mike sat on Jen and the following conversation ensued... lolz (in case it's hard to read: M: Stop flexing your butt J: I can't breathe if I dont flex my butt!!!! M: Hehe it's like I'm driving! J: OH GOD I HATE YOU!) True Story :P

And here's about where Korra fanart took over xP

mmm Bolin <3

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  1. I can see some really good dynamics in some of those life drawing poses! Nice stuff!