Tuesday, November 22, 2011

PMC 'Rad' Speaker 11-17-11

Oh and can't forget the AWESOME Speaker event doodles! Amazing Story Artist Rad Sechrist (http://radhowto.blogspot.com/ and http://radfordsechrist.blogspot.com/) came out last Thursday and gave a Stupendous Presentation and demo for the Pencil Mileage Club that was like amazingly awesome!! Anyways here's some notes and doodles from that :D

Dragons and Dinosaurs

More fun sketches!! The top one is from the amazing Sarah's (http://sdiekmann.blogspot.com/) designs for a dragon creature Fluff Skulls <3
I drew it as best as I could from memory but even more amazing picture of it can be found on Sarah's blog, oh and Christina's: http://christinaisdrawing.blogspot.com/
and the second is just me having fun :D

Peeps at CSUF

Some sketches of friends here at CSUF! also one of Chuck pretending to be a cheerleader cuz that was just too funny to not draw :D

TripWire Sketches

Heres some sketches I did for a project I'm doing with some friends, its going to be a short animated film about a robot named Telly,  from a what-if Alexander Graham Bell had made a robot to deliver his messages instead of inventing the telephone! Story and concept by Kevin Lam (http://lamattack.blogspot.com/)

PMC Life Drawing 11-16-11

Some gesture drawings from PMC Life Drawing night last Wednesday 11-16-11

1) I must say I really Love Col-Erase Pencils, and was super excited last week when I went to the new Utrecht store and bought a bunch more of them!
2) Yes I did draw her as Meg there lolz :D


 Haven't posted in awhile due to being super busy with school, but I'm on Thanksgiving break this week (woot!!) so here are some things Ive been doing over the past week or so :D

So to start off here are some doodles of 'Panders'
Me and a friend decided we would ship Po and Tigeress from Kung Fu Panda just so we could draw these cute little guys who are half Panda half Tiger  and all adorable <3

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nikki Designs

1, 2, 3, Adorable! Char Design Sketches for a comic I'm doing! Working on a short story part right now which is her backstory (other part of comic will be when shes a bit older). Her name is Nikita, Nikki, and she has a secret power shh! Sadly, it doesn't work to her advantage and the backstory is pretty sad so far xP

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

PMC Life Drawing

Finally scanned these yay! Drawings of everyone in costume last week for the PMC Life Drawing night/Halloween Party :D