Saturday, April 28, 2012

More KFP Sketches

Here's more of my practice sketches of the characters from Kung Fu Panda, getting ready to start boarding them now! (already have a few thumbnails and hopefully I can make this  board spectacular! lolz xP) Anyways... the hands and the funny fat Po are referednced from Toby Shelton's awesome blog :D
(PS toned paper makes everything cooler lolz!)

PPS Tigeress isn't scared of anything!!!....except maybe Po's farts! lolz xP

Cosplayers and Korra stuffz

PMC had cosplayers model this past wednesday and it was super fun drawing everyone in their awesometastic costumes! I just wish we had had longer poses, 30secs to a minute or 2 was not nearly long enough when one wants to draw the fantastic costumes as well as the people wearing them heh xP (also Dizzy and Juri!! <3)

Hehe Mike sat on Jen and the following conversation ensued... lolz (in case it's hard to read: M: Stop flexing your butt J: I can't breathe if I dont flex my butt!!!! M: Hehe it's like I'm driving! J: OH GOD I HATE YOU!) True Story :P

And here's about where Korra fanart took over xP

mmm Bolin <3

Sunday, April 22, 2012

More Random Stuff (KFP and cafe sketching)

Practicing drawing the Kung Fu Panda characters for a storyboard assignment I have <3


Cafe Sketching at downtown Disney!~ fun times :P

 ^^ This guy, was ssoooooooo fabulous!~ I like it lolz xP

Random Doodley-Doos!~

Random stuff I doodled in my sketchbook :)

Got the awesomeness that is the art of Hercules (the Chaos of Creation) and was inspired to draw these! :D

Random drawing at school VAs ya'll~

Life Drawing

PMC Life Drawing 4-11-12 (and yes Jen is smexy~)

Life Drawing at Film Roman on 4-17-12; the model reminded me of Zoey Deschanel!~

Monday, April 9, 2012

RM Thumbnails

So haven't finished these yet, these are the thumbnails for the first 7 pages of a comic I'm doing, still got awhile to go but thought I'd at least get these up... heh no dialogue but hopefully you can see what's going on...

Yeah sorry the pages are abit out of order, but the bottom page goes: the bottom left is page 5, the top one is page 6, and the bottom right is page 7... heh xP

EDIT: Added 4 more thumbnails, so this is through 11 now :D

Also once I have time I will try and scan all my story boards from the story sketch assignment I did for Chuck's class, I'm currently working on fixing a few scenes still though... that and there's soooo many it's gonna take foreverrrrrrrrrrrr to scan prolly... >.>;;;


Eek haven't posted in abit! Sorry been pretty busy, anyways here's a few doodles and such I've done recently, the first two are from this website called its pretty kewl, they just post pics of people from around the world who are 'fashionable' its super fun to look through! The 3rd one is another fashionably dressed girl, but this time from life, a sketch of my lovely cousin Bekka, done during Easter Sunday at my grandparents house :)
And the last one is of course some fan art x3  If I have a chance i'll try and finish it... and/or maybe do more ;P  I <3 Korra so far! (and by Korra I mean the nick cartoon, not particularly fond of her character yet, she is a kewl strong women, but a little too cocky and arrogant for my taste... but maybe the series will explore that and she'll learn some humbleness lolz xP  anyways dont mind my little rant she is still awesome and quite fun to draw) :D