Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sketch Co-op stuff

Hey so I have some other sketches to go along with the last post, but these are a few from a different skecthbook, one that I have through The Art House Co-Op; where I get to draw in it till Jan 31st and then I mail it in, and it gets to go on a gallery tour with a bunch of other peoples sketch books too! Exciting! Anyways you choose a theme when you order yours, and I chose PreHistoric so here are a few sketches from that notebook so far :D


Hey been a bit since I posted! But that doesn't mean I've stopped drawing! Here's some sketches out o' my sketch books :D
The first bunch is from sketching people at ALA last weekend, the blues ones are from sketching people in the TSU at school today, and the last ones just a random drawing of a guy/knight or something heh :P

Thursday, January 5, 2012

XMas Present for a friend

Drew this one for my friend Jackie who has ever been one of the best (and sometimes most annoying) blessings in my life lolz :D
This is her and her husband Curtis, with their two boys Austin and Louis as Awesome Austin and Moose Boy, her heroes forever <3


Was at school the other day joining some friends to work on Kevin's Tripwire short film again, and forgot my own stuff so doodled the peeps there till I headed back home to work heh :)
So from top to bottom theres Whitney animating, Mike watching something on Whitney's laptop, Mike yelling at the internet on his own laptop ("IM GONNA PUNCH YOU IN THE G********* BABY MAKER" was being yelled alot lolz) and then theres Kevin sleeping diligently and Patricia animating even more diligently lolz, and then that last one is how Kevin wakes up apparently :D

Remember Me Pencils

Here's the frist 5 pages of Remember Me! just the pencils, and sorry the dialogue is so hard to read lolz, but I am still working on it! I think I wanna finish this and make it into a full comic, even though the class is over, I think shall still do it! :D

Remember Me Early Dev Sketches

More skecthes! heres some development sketches for a comic I was doing for my sequential art class, Im thinking of calling it Remember Me; its the sad story of a girl who has the power to erase people's memories! unfortunatly she starts off badly when she accidently erases her own parents memories of her! oh noes! anyways the 1st and 2nd sketchs are her a little older, and the 1st and 3rd have skecthes of the main bad guy so to speak... the not so nice lady who takes her in to train her up for evil! and then after that is just some of my early thumbnails for pages :)

Sketchies from DreamCrit

OMG A POST WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO? J/K lolz, just realized i hadn't posted in a bit heh... that doesn't mean I haven't been drawing though! so heres some of the things Ive been doing these past few weeks; these ones are from DreamCrit, I was doodling while people were being critqued by the guy on the bottom right in the second pic: Josh Lieberman. Also Chuck totally glared in exasperation at Tung when he said that (he was all like " 'bout them awkward silences...") lolz