Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Best Uncle Ever

Did a picture of my AWESOME Uncle Joel for his bday, decided to go with the 1920s gangster look cuz he is always classy with a hint of mystery and adventure :D

I had fun making these, experimented with different things I could do with the picture in photoshop, so these are the 2 variations I liked the most, one with simple block colors and such and the last one where he's invisible!

OK Rambling time lolz: He has always been such an amazing and inspirational person, a jack of all trades so to speak, he has been a concert pianist, an artist (painter, photographer etc), a teacher (high school english mostly), an insurance claims agent, a server and bartender, he graduated from like 3 different colleges, including pepperdine (with a masters!) he is currently creating lesson plans and developing online educational resources, but I believe he now also aspires to be a nurse and from what i hear was accepted into vanderbilts nursing program!  He not only can do anything and everything he sets his mind to but he can do it amazingly well! (And I may have forgotten some stuff too lolz! oh and all of this and he's still in his thirties!!) and so I will forever look up to him :D

Monday, August 13, 2012

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Em :)

A picture I did of my friend Emileigh (super cute asain girls are fun to draw lolz :D) anyways had fun playing around with it, and made her into a ghost wooooooooo~
Not sure which one i like best, but i think the second one where her dress is the bg is kinda kewl... :D
done in autodesk sketchbook pro and PS5


and here was a movie study i did from the Terminator, need to finish up and post the last few pages still, but this is from the very beginning of the movie when arnie first appears lolz ;)

Kung Fu Panda

Here are production test boards i did for Kung Fu Panda in Chuck's class, i love this movie, and want to do more! and have been trying to fix this up a bit this summer, so once im done with that (again lolz) ill repost them :D

Muder on the Orient Express

Hey its been awhile since i posted oh noes! So to get back into it, Im going to start with some stuff I did last semester! :D

So here are some story sketch boards I did for a scene from Agatha Christie's book "Murder of the Orient Express"

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Amazing Art Trade! -Dimas!

So I'm doing an art trade with the amazingly talaented and awesome Dimas (http://dbsketcher49.blogspot.com/) and he gave me mine today (even though ive barely started on his heh xP) and it was this super duper amazingly steupendous hand made sketch book!

Here's the beautiful outside binding (did I mention he MADE this?!?) :D

Here's the first page, where he even drew me an awesome picture to start this off the right way! :D

And of course the pages are his favorite paper for drawing on, especially with copics: Menus from The Hat!  :P

So if you haven't already check him out! He's amazing! :D