Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Best Uncle Ever

Did a picture of my AWESOME Uncle Joel for his bday, decided to go with the 1920s gangster look cuz he is always classy with a hint of mystery and adventure :D

I had fun making these, experimented with different things I could do with the picture in photoshop, so these are the 2 variations I liked the most, one with simple block colors and such and the last one where he's invisible!

OK Rambling time lolz: He has always been such an amazing and inspirational person, a jack of all trades so to speak, he has been a concert pianist, an artist (painter, photographer etc), a teacher (high school english mostly), an insurance claims agent, a server and bartender, he graduated from like 3 different colleges, including pepperdine (with a masters!) he is currently creating lesson plans and developing online educational resources, but I believe he now also aspires to be a nurse and from what i hear was accepted into vanderbilts nursing program!  He not only can do anything and everything he sets his mind to but he can do it amazingly well! (And I may have forgotten some stuff too lolz! oh and all of this and he's still in his thirties!!) and so I will forever look up to him :D

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