Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Downtown Disney Cafe Sketching Again!

Oh I do so love drawing people at disney! Sunday was dapper day, so we all dressed and saw others there dressed up too! T'was super fun! :D
Most of these peeps arent dressed up but thats ok, they were still fun to draw! Especially that couple on the couch who then came over and asked if they could see our drawings of them lolz :P
Oh the last page is just some Spidey practice i was doing during my awesome internship at film roman <3
And the second to last page is where everyone who joined me at disney drew me an awesome-a-saurus!!!!! I was super excited to have them all draw on a page in my sketch book, since i think everyone of them is such an awesome artist, and am such a fan girl on the inside lolz... i may not have spazzed where they could see but i still spazzed, seriously those guys are awesome <3 and one day when they are famous artists ill be all like aww yeah look at this awesome signed doodle of theirs i have mwahahahaha >:P 
...anyways... fun times all around!! :D

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